Crocheted Baby Hat Closed Shell Stitch

Today’s crochet stitch is the closed shell stitch. This stitch has a wide range of variations in that you can mix the type of stitch used for the shell (i.e. single, double,treble etc.) and also over how many stitches the repeats are. This pattern is lovely on afghans and garments of all kinds.

Baby hat closed shell stitch

Baby hat using closed shell stitch

It’s a very feminine looking stitch pattern  and I love designing baby items with it. Using this stitch, I created this baby hat.  The pattern  here uses a repeat pattern of 6 + 1 and uses the single and double crochet.  Try this simple pattern and create a freeform  scarf, shawl or afghan and simply cast on a multiple of 6+1 stitches. The look changes by using solid, variegated or fancy yarns. You can also change colors at the beginning of your rows and get another beautiful look. It’s also a great way to use up alot of your same weight leftover yarns.

shell stitch using 2 colors

shell stitch using 2 colors

Did you notice how the pattern seems to slant when using a solid color and looks more row like when using multiple colors? It’s a visually subtle difference to keep in mind when designing your garment. Why not give it a try. Let me know what you think about this stitch.


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