Crochet Closed Shell Stitch

Today I wanted to add a little bit more about the crocheted shell stitch. The link below is a video tutorial on the closed crochet shell stitch done by Johnny Vasquez over at A New Stitch A Day. His video explains what basic stitches are required and  the required foundation chain involved.  Johnny does a great job at showing how the stitch is done in rows and he proceeds at a slow enough rate for a great tutorial if you know the basic stitches. He also has the basic pattern of the shell stitch in pattern format which is great if you are just learning how to read crochet patterns. So no matter what level you’re at as a crocheter, his blog scores high kudos because he includes all aspects of learning crochet together in one spot. No sense re-inventing the wheel.

And because I’m a lefty and visual learning is much easier for me I have included a link by Art of Crochet by Teresa. She has tons of great tutorials for crocheting and she has tons of videos that also include us lefties.  So there you have both versions of the crochet shell stitch and no excuses to make that next beautiful scarf,hat,shawl or whatever.  Now it’s just a matter of finding the perfect yarn to go with this beautiful stitch!

I’ll leave you with this little bit of crochet humor. Have a great day.

Screen Shot 2013-03-06 at 2


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