Crochet a Basket

I have seen a bunch of crochet projects lately on the web and I’m drawn to the baskets of all kinds. Maybe it’s because you can make one with very basic crochet skills and no need to follow a pattern.  Or maybe because it can be accomplished in very little time and very inexpensively.  Baskets will  provide me a place to store all my yarn (believe me when I say lots of yarn) and I can make a basket with leftover yarn (a real concern for all who craft with yarn). It’s a win-win for all of us who craft and need/want more decorative organization. Alexandra at made this cute basket from rope to make this crochet bowlcrochet basket  If you haven’t crocheted anything in a circular fashion and don’t want to follow a pattern, start with a magic circle of 8,10 or 12 crochets stitches of your choice (or just chain 8, 10 ,12 & join with a slip stitch). Then increase as follows:

Row 1: 1 stitch into each chain (skip this row if using a magic circle

Row 2: 2 stitches in each stitch of previous row

Row 3: * sc(hdc, dc), 2 sc in next  stitch*

Row 4: * sc, sc, 2sc  (every 3rd stitch)*

Row 4: * sc,sc,sc,2sc (every 4th stitch).*

Keep increasing in this manner until you get to your desired size for the bottom of your basket. Then continue on crocheting into each stitch (without increasing) until you reach your desired basket height.  The possibilities are endless. If you don’t have thick enough yarn, crochet with 2 or 3 yarns together. If you want handles, bind off as many stitches needed for the handle width you want to create.  On the following row, crochet back on those handle stitches plus a few extra to create an arch (see photo below).  You may want to reinforce the handles by crocheting around them again. This will depend on the type of yarn/roping you use.  And what if you don’t have a lot of one color available? What about this possibility from Crochet in Color.

Crochet in Color Hombre Basket

I am drawn to the natural colors of jute or twine too. Why not run down to the big box store and buy some inexpensive roping and whip up a basket or two for anywhere you need a decorative touch to organize things.  Jute and twine are great for these type projects as it gives your basket a great shape and supports  heavier items in your basket.


So what are you going to create today? Why not one of these great ideas. I plan on making some with jute for a couple rooms in my house.

Today I’m ending with a snippet of advise from Mary Engelbreit which I believe to be true! Have a great, creative day.



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