12 Crochet Stash Yarn Projects

My last post started me thinking of all the ways yarn crafters can use some of their leftover yarns. Anyone who loves working with yarn, from those just learning to crafters in the business, will understand what I’m talking about. I have yarn leftovers from years past which I have stored in see through containers so I can assess my mess stash yarns used in previous projects. If you’re like me I have containers of all sorts throughout my home (i.e. bedside, living room, craft room) just waiting for me to throw a quick project (great gift) together in a moments notice.    I also have a project list that will consume my time from now until eternity, so I don’t ever believe I’ll run out of leftover yarn! One day I’ll have them all organized together in one magnificent craft room totally dedicated to my creative whims. So here’s a group of small, leftover yarn project patterns for you to make. Think creatively and put 2 different projects together to make your own individual project. You can use a trivet pattern to make a coaster with a finer yarn, or use a coaster pattern to make a cotton face scrubby. A flower pattern becomes a coaster, pin, hair barrette, bookmark. You get the idea. Have a great day.







Hombre Coastershearts



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