10 Minute, $8 Spring Wreath

I’ve created a spring time wreath for under $10 and took me less than 10 minutes to complete. How’s that for instant gratification!


The other day I pinned a cute post from Copy Cat Looks that had a quick, beautiful wreath for spring.  She has a great tutorial if you want to follow.

Copy Cat Looks Spring Wreath

Her project was set up a little different than mine. I’m more of a “just winging it” type person so I proceeded building the wreath from what I recalled from her post.  I bought 5 small spring time sprigs at Michael’s (because they were on sale for less than $2 a sprig).   I used a smaller wreath form because that’s what I had on hand and the wreath looks fine. Sorry I have no tutorial pictures, but it was so quick and simple that I was finished before I even thought to get out my camera!

Here’s what you need:

  • grapevine wreath form
  • 5 sprigs of tulips
  • hammer
  • thumb tack
  • fishing line for hanging

I chose a coiled, grapevine wreath. You can use any form you have on hand. Just remember to pick a base that you don’t mind having show through.  I cut the branches off each sprig, but left the leaves intact as I needed to add filler for the end result. After I finished cutting all the sprigs, I just started pushing them in around the base (without glueing ) in a clockwise manner to ensure a more balanced end look. Once my wreath was almost completed, I hung it on the door with fishing line (almost invisible) and wrapped the line around a thumb tack which I tapped in to the top ledge of the door.

Once I had the wreath positioned I was able to fill in empty spots with the 10 or so flower clusters I had left.  Now how’s that for a quick, no frills beautiful wreath. It so cheery, I love it.

TDC Before and After

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