10 Knit Stash Projects

Because I don’t want you all to feel I’m giving all the crocheters out there more attention, I’ve decided to add some quick knitting shash patterns for you to attempt. I’ve tried to find patterns with basic stitches for all of us short on time to dedicate to 1 project. If you’re a more advanced knitter one can always revise by adding different stitches or color patterns.  It’s meant to get your creative mind working.  These projects are a great way to get your feet wet knitting a variety of projects and not feel upset making mistakes or giving up because the project takes too long to complete. These options give you an opportunity to make a quick gift for yourself (or someone else) and instant gratification on completing a project. In no time flat you’ll have personalized gifts to give to anyone during the year. You may even have to start storing your completed projects for a spur of the moment gift. I threw the pillow pattern in because I love the look. Why not knit it up as a small sachet for that perfect gift.  What could be better than that? I must say I haven’t been able to keep up with my own advise, but this gives me some momentum to push forward and try again.

fruitcozypincushionpillowphone coverleafcoastercorktoppermugcozy


So there you have 10 more easy, quick projects to try. Have a great day!



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