A New Old Afghan

I’m very excited to show off my latest project. I received a beautiful afghan decades  many moons ago as a new mother. It has held up very well from 3 children dragging it everywhere, but the frayed stitches and permanent stains show it’s age. IMG_1305
 I love it dearly and have always wanted to re-create it. By the time I decided to try, the pattern was no longer available.  Even though I am a long time crocheter, I could not figure out how the majority of the blanket was put together.  However, with the increasing popularity of  Tunesian Crochet I’ve found my missing link for putting the afghan together! Tunesian crochet seems like a lovely mix between traditional crocheting and knitting and I could go on and on….I’m sure future posts will include some fun projects that incorporate this style of crocheting. Once I realized the majority of the afghan was the Tunesian afghan stitch, I was able to figure out how the blanket was put together.


My blanket was completed with 9 skeins of Debrah Norville’s Everyday Soft Worsted yarn (4) in Snow White. It’s not quite as heavy as the original blanket, but still has a lot of weight to it. After experimenting I found that the afghan stitch crochets up densely and requires a lighter weight yarn and also a larger hook than I expected.  The afghan stitch is a very flat stitch and really makes any other stitch pop against it. I am going to re-work the border as the top and bottom edges are somewhat floppy and need to be tightened up.  I plan on making another one fairly soon so I can write down the pattern basics. That way I won’t give myself a headache trying to figure the pattern out five years from now. So what do you think?